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exp 2288 drawing

When the dark clouds shine

and the moon, bright and shy,

stabs the day;

Let it pour because I must die.

And when the dust and the rays,

And the sun,

And the light,

Slay the beasts that run through the night,

Drunk and grey with life I again am.


Above the mist and most of the hills,

I am but foreign to those narrow streets,

Blinded by the volts, deafened by the altitude.


I expected a truer world,

I’ve experienced a shallow world,

Within my hands, the seed explodes,

And here is born the upturned sphere.


And yet he said, ‘Why North can be when South isn’t?’

EXP2288 will be as time, an incessant axis that knows no direction.

EXP 2288

"EXP 2288" is an infinite loop of dystopian metropolitan pictures created by an ink painting of an urban scene wrapped around a tubular handmade sculpture.


Medium: wood, found and recycled objects.

Dimensions of the drawing: 140x140cm

Dimensions of the structure: l170xL60xh100cm

Creation date : 2021

Exposition view:

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