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A series of illustrations that represent the opposite perspectives of fate and free will. They all have in common the presence of a door or a trap, this threshold that separates the known from the unknown, and therefore invite visitors to open these doors.

Neither a key nor a lock appears in my memories.
I did hear stories of a far distant God,

Whose call got us here,

Between the close and the beyond.

I have heard about choices,

Noise within the chaos of roads,

I have heard about contrasts,

Tracks within the chaos of paths.


From the far, dark corner of my room,

Hidden under the traps and the trappes,

An unknown knock echoes in the house.

What, how, why, how, how could I lock,

That which desires no key to invade me?

In doors there are,

More than paths, roads and floors,

A route to spy that shy destiny.

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