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This short mixed media film combines live-action sequences with frame-by-frame 2D animation to explore the nature of media, reality, and truth.

Production: WOBU REcreators

Drawing&Scenario: Marquis de Sid

Animation: Marquis de Sid & Sebo Coeur de L'ion

Music: Antoine Tasei



// Story //


In Radio Toaster, a woman’s morning routine takes a surreal turn when she activates her radio toaster, unwittingly unleashing Himonculus—a journalist creature from within. As she prepares breakfast, Himonculus bombards her with news stories, each one more absurd and unsettling than the last. From a civil war between egg tribes to the bizarre world of fossilised celebrities, the news expose her to the harsh realities of the world. As the morning unfolds, she confronts the overwhelming barrage of information and finds a surprising message of resilience amidst the chaos.


Episode 1 - 3min; Episode 2 - 7min


Creation date :


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